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Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

How to Activate Boldness?

Once I was in a state of indecision about a matter that involved possible risk. So I went to consult with one of my friends who was little bit older and much wiser than me. On disclosing the matter to him, he thought for a while and wrote something on a piece of paper. He pushed the paper to me confidently. What he wrote was, “Be resolute and a miraculous strength you will achieve to execute your resolution.”

The words my friend had given me were a quotation from a torn newspaper he preserved carefully along with his valuable documents. This made me visualize apparently that when I had dropped out in the past, I allowed the fear of failure bar me from trying at all. Hesitation is the most stupefying of all negative emotions. It can inactivate physical strength and paralize will- power.

Alternately, whenever I had plunged into deep, impelled by a flash of courage or just plain pushed by the rude hands of circumstances, I had always been able to swim until I got my feet on the ground.

‘Being Bold' is not the implification of being reckless or desperate. Boldness means a firm decision, to bite off more than you are sure you can chew. And there is nothing miraculous about the power referred to. They are the latent capacities what all of us possess : energy, skill, discretion, creative ideas etc.

Actually, deliberate decision or bold resolution can create an actual field of emergency to which organism responds. Once I heard a famous traveler say that occasionally a traveler in a desert will reach himself into a point of no return, he can only go ahead. He also told that sometimes he put himself in those kind of situations on purpose. “Then there is nowhere to go but forward”

Admittedly, those particular forces are spiritual ones. They are more important than physical ones. In William Shakespear’s “Hamlet”, it was Hamlet’s indecision & lack of resolution who, in spite of being very powerful in physique and armor, could not kill his enemy - his father’s murderer. Furthermore, he lost all the chances to take revenge.

It's curious how miraculous forces have their counterparts in the physical world. One of my childhood friend was once a soccer player with limited abilities. As I remember today, in a match he was in a position between the goal post and a gigantic player from the opposition team. The fate of the match depended on his immediate action at that right moment because the last whistle was just a few minutes away. The audience were clapping to improve his will-power and there he went - kicking the ball in other direction and thereby hitting the big boy without being hurt. I learnt on that day that if the problems are harder, the will-power must be double. Because physical strength + mental strength has no competition.

This habit, to be bold, can not be acquired overnight. But it can be taught to children and may be developed among adults. It is fueled by self confidence and geared up by courage. However, resolution or boldness, by itself is no guarantee to success. Self confidence, self esteem, self regard and strong resolution separate leaders from ordinary souls. Some people argue that all relative matters must be given enough consideration before taking the final plunge. They give priority to possibilities; 'ifs',' buts' and such other negative factors. But a person with strong mentality will always give priority to positive aspects and then all capacities, factors and forces will automatically push the resolution ahead.

Monday, 24 May 2010

How to Live Life to the Fullest?

Actually life seems to be precious who only prioritizes it. Otherwise, the living object will result in a boring and often disgusting one. So, how to exactly enjoy the enjoyable ‘life’? Yes, let’s try:

1) Change thinking: Live every hour as if it’s your last. Don’t leave anything to be done later; for, there may not be any ‘later’. Deal with the ‘now’. People who tragically died in Mumbai air crash had plenty of jobs pending. Yes, you can’t do everything finished instantly. After that, try...

2) Enlist the joyous moments: Keep on writing the enjoyable and joyous happenings that has happened to you anytime. What did your dear wife whisper you the other moon lit night? How did your dear daughter remind you to buy the teddy bear? You’ll forget. So, write them down. Bad thoughts can be cleared away from your brain. Write on, it functions!!

3) Change your perspective: Think for a moment how you can be remembered and how you make your grandchildren identify you from the crowd. A banker can be a singer or an artist. The grandchildren will remember not as a banker but as a singer or as an artist. So, don’t miss. Expose your ‘self’.

4) Never allow silly thorns prick you: Wasting your physical and mental energy by being upset with minor irritations is not something intelligent. Don’t confront your land lady who is always rude and aggressive for nothing. Just smile away her rudeness. Let her be rude and aggressive and let her enjoy the very ‘silly’ state of mind. It’s actually her problem and also a matter of ‘enjoyment’. You just offer her the words “you’re quite right”, “Thank you”. Life will be clean and chaos free.

5) Change your daily routine: Sometimes we feel boring doing things in the same way at the same time. We can’t change the office time or the school hour. After that we can change a lot. If we usually sleep on a Sunday, change it for Friday. If you wake up at 6 am and sleep at 11 pm, change it for 4:30 am and 9:30 pm respectively. Change the set of music playing early in the morning. What a luxury it is!

6) Never try to keep up with all: Your neighbor have a good jeep, a big refrigerator, and spacious garden. So what? Look again; you’ll find that he works even in the weekends; they ne’er visit friends. They’ve changed the term “pleasure” to “labor”. So, who’s better off, absolutely?

7) Have a big clean-out: Cloths are torn, kitchen utensils are too much used, toys are not properly functioning, furniture is outdated – offer them to a charity. You’ve actually offered a help to the poor. The bonus is that you have vacated some places for the new items to look the house newer and finer.

8) Restart your relationship with partner: You’re maintaining a sound relationship with your partner. After a long companionship you’re on the verge of forgetting the very moment when and where you first met your spouse. So, why don’t you restart the passion by whispering into your partner’s ear,” Hey, let’s go for a walk in the shadowy park in the coming moonlit night”.

9) Don’t let vulgarity overcome you: Make as much fun as you can with your friends but beware of being the object of vulgarity. Wit and vulgarity are quite different. So, identify & slap the unwanted breed.

10) Phone, e-mail old friends: You’ve been tired of life and got disconnected with school life friends. Call them, send them e-mails and you’ll see the radical happening your mind will experience. You’re sure to recover the innocence of your childhood.

11) Create something: Why wasting your leisure moments by sleeping? Paint, draw, sing, sew, bake- create anything. Be admired and praised.

12) Love greenery:“Nature has the healing power”, says William Wordsworth. Justify it, go to woods and try it. Life is actually peaceful “Under the Greenwood Tree” of William Shakespeare.

13) Watch a funny video: “Laughter is the best medicine”, goes the wise saying. So, rent a video of jokes. Have a hearty laugh and refresh your nerves.

14) Smile: Last one is absolutely free of cost. It’s smile. It’s really contagious. Practice it and transfer it to others.