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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Welcome to Bolivia, a land of immense opportunities for Indian and Bangladeshi citizens.

   Thinking to move overseas as a tourist or as a business-man to shape your tomorrow and after tomorrow in a massive way? If your eyes are directed to Latin American territory, then The Republic of Bolivia may be your chosen destination.

Below are some primary reasons why Indian and Bangladeshi people choose Bolivia as a second home.

1) Bolivian entry visa is easier than any other Latin American countries. You do not need to produce a 20,000 USD bank statement or a big company profile with big tax papers. Simple documents are required to apply for a Bolivian visa.

2) Whatever Bolivian visa you have in your passport, you are entitled to convert it into residence visa. At first you will get one year residence visa. In the second step you will get two year residence visa and in the third step you can apply for permanent Bolivian residence visa. Every time you will get a Bolivian National ID card. Once you have a residence permit with ID card, you can study, open business, buy property and you can engage at any lawful and lucrative activity. You can also apply for visa for any country very easily.

3)  The climate of Bolivia is wonderful. LA Paz is somewhat different. It is too hot or too cold in LA Paz. It rains awfully in Bolivia. There is seldom any earthquake. There are big fields covered with green grass. There is huge vegetation. Mango grows all the year round. Lot of parks are there in Bolivia. During mango season you can eat sweet mangoes free of cost. Simply wait for wind in a park and you will have plenty ripe mangoes falling from trees. Take care of your head because mangoes are huge in size.

4) Crime rate is very low in Bolivia. There is no hartal, no strike, no picketing, no kidnapping, no terrorism and no root level village politics. Interpol police is very active in Bolivia.

5) Bolivian people are very helpful. They always bear a smile on their face for all. They walk slowly. They know how to greet others warmly. People are religious and offer help to babies and old people.

6) Bolivian cities are well connected with luxurious buses. Modern bus companies operate their services among neighboring countries. Air journey is also very cheap. You can find ticket counters every where around the cities.

7) Rules and regulations of all departments are flexible. For example, for opening business, you will go to NIT office. The officer in the counter will cordially assist you to open your business. You will never be frustrated at any office. There is no bribe in Bolivia.

8) Education is of very high grade in Bolivia. Thousands of overseas students study at Bolivian institutions. The reason is that the cost of education is very low but the standard is very high. Almost all careers are available in universities. There are public and private universities. The universities have state-of-the-art infrastructure. You may choose your timing for attending classes as there are three sessions: morning, afternoon and evening. Many students work in day and study at evening session. There is no discrimination between age, sex, race, religion and nationality.

9) Property ownership: It is quite easy to buy your own land with house or without house. There are plenty of housing companies around the cities. The good news is that you may buy your chosen plot in monthly installment. Just after paying the first installment, you may move to the plot. Your can build your house according to your own choice and design. There is no shortage of electricity and water supply. There is no load shedding in Bolivia. The plots are five to fifteen km away from the cities. No problem, there are regular town bus services at every corner of all housing projects. Each housing project has 500 to 5000 plots. There is no flood, no storm, no ice, no snow fall no illegal invasion in Bolivia. Every housing project has its own security service, swimming pool, market, school, grave ward, temple, mosque and church. The plots are designed in such a way that every plot faces main road.

10)  Spanish language is very easy to learn. I could speak with local people imperfectly after fifteen days of arrival. Visit

Above all, your Bolivian life may be wonderful if you manage to adapt yourself with local culture. Look before you leap, collect more information, do research. 

If you are cent percent intended to jump to Bolivia, then this beautiful Latin American country is ready to receive you with a signboard that reads "BIENVENIDOS".

Amar Chand Nath
Iquique, Chile.