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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to be a Celebrity?

Feeling amazed with the eye-catching photo-session of celebrities in your television set? Blaming God for not making such an awesome human while creating? Millions of people will support you everyday in this very point. Many people are unable to raise themselves to the level of a celebrity. But...

It is not too late. You can turn "yourself" to a "celebrity". How? Let´s learn...

Essentials for becoming a celebrity: 

Don´t always think that superior education is a must to be famous. Actually education is a common factor for all classes of people to lead a sophisticated life beyond the darkness of ignorance. But education itself doesnot make someone famous.

Every child is born with minimum one talent, sometimes with multiple talents. But unfortunately many people are unable to read the hidden talent of the child during childhood, even during adulthood. Many people discourage their kids when they want to run or to swim or to make toys with clay. People seldom think that this very kid may have a talent of a runner or a swimmer or an architect. It is very important to identify the specific talent in a child. Most of the people remain unaware of the giant talent that waits to get bloomed. 

Now how to identify that very talent ?

1. Carefully observe your child while busy in playing. Observe carefully with what item or with what topic your child loves to play. Whether he or she loves to be a businessman or a driver or a doctor or anything else. 

2. Observe your child while busy with talks with other children. Pick up about what topic goes the discussion.

3. Observe your child (if 12 + ) while busy searching online about what topic he or she is searching. Possibly he is searching an artist, or a celebrity, or a player or a software or anything. You will discover the future person in your child. 

4. Be a close friend of your dear child. Ask him or her what item he or she wants to expect as the best gift in the coming birthday. 

5. Make effort to identify two or more talents in your child. Possibly your child is blessed with multiple talents. Make a list of the findings- the excellent, the better, the good, etc. 

6. Counseling may be obtained from teachers as they are the better readers of a child´s inner self.

Now how to initiate the process of becoming great?

Nobody can be perfect without professional education. Search an institution locally. In the digital world, lots of online courses are available home and abroad open to all ages. Sign up with the desired course and begin to be skilled. Don´t be fooled being boastful. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. 

Search for clubs, associations and societies of the desired fields. Now a days there are many associations for all ages. In the clubs, hubs of same feathered birds flock. Join the meetings and workshops and take active part at every event. The maximum benefit of attending an association is that you will get all updated information of related trainings and events. Sometimes two or more associations have relations in arranging events. The more you are mixing with people, the more you are becoming skilled. 

Don´t wait for awards. Just participate at all events. Show your excellence. Don´t forget to make inspiring remarks at other person´s work and activity. Be unique at your field. Make a legend. Don´t follow others´ style; rather let others follow your style. Learning and imitating is quite different. 

Get in close touch with all participants while in the club. Try to collect contact details of the club members. Also collect personal details of the prospective friends. Make a database of all contact and personal details. Send complements to birth day and on every occation. Remember, if you respect other person´s activity, your fame is bound to be expanded. 

Make a list of related associations worldwide. Search for upcoming events and try to participate. If not invited, join just as a visitor. Keep on making new friends and continue to communicate. Discuss the upcoming topic with new friends. Search for friends online in the same topic. 

Create your personal website and display your details. Never forget to place the testimony page where you will show due gratitude to all who have done you favour. 

Keep on creating your own world. Very shortly you will be amazed that people are in a queue to get your autograph.